Nestled in the corner of the market square and opposite the castle is a bar called el cañela.  Sitting outside on a sunny afternoon is lovely, however, take the time to go inside and you will find the walls lined with old photographs of Cuevas del Almanzora.

One photo shows the building and the market in full swing and dates back to 1900.  Back then the market sold fish and local vegetables rather than flip-flops and ‘designer’ handbags. Although you can still buy the fish and fruit and veg as the market opens every tuesday and thursday.


There are many photographs of the campo and the mule trains that used to carry the mined minerals all the way to Seron.  The main mining was for silver and this was how the wealthier locals built the beautiful homes and palaces that are still in the town today.

There are old photos of the original bridge on the road to San Juan de los terreros which was originally built to take foot passengers and mules.  Then the lorries and cars started to use it and as these got bigger and heavier the bridge eventually collapsed (and there is a photo in the bar to show this.)

Get the owner, Juan, to tell you about the photos and you will spend a happy hour (at least) listening to his tales.


About Living in rural Spain

I live in Andalucía in the beautiful southern part of Spain. It is the largest of the 17 regions of Spain and Andalucía is broken down into 8 provinces and I live in the province of Granada. Having lived here for more than a decade I call Spain my home. I am originally from England. I find the scenery here in Spain stunning. There are amazing sunsets and the colours of wild flowers, almond blossom and poppy fields in the Spring and trees in the area are an inspiration.

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