Search the internet for details about the climate in Andalucía and most will tell you of the 320 days of sunshine every year.  Well, this may be true of the costas and in particular the coastline from Malaga to Gibraltar, but head north-east and inland and the story is a little different.

One of the biggest myths about Spain is that the weather is always good and it’s always sunny especially in the south and Andalucía.  Our village is an hour and a half inland from the coast and 800 metres above sea level, the terrain is mountainous and is ideal for growing olive and almond trees (oranges and lemons won’t survive here!!).

Seasons here are split into three, winter, summer and a short but cold and wet bit in between. Winter can see a metre of snow although it doesn’t last long.  The cold, wet bit in between usually brings high winds and amazing storms.

Image     Image



But also amazing sunsets……….


Summers, however are hot, hot hot!  Temperatures soar to 45º and the siesta becomes a necessary daily ritual.

So, ‘living the dream?’, if you are looking to laze by the pool, sipping gin and tonic all year round in the temperate climate of Andalucía, head for the coast.

Living the dream in rural Spain is perfect for nature lovers, historians, walkers, hikers, cyclists, swimming and canoeing on the many lakes.  Bring your shorts and sun cream, but bring sweats and a raincoat for winter.


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  1. M&M says:

    But also dont forget the abundance of wild flowers in the ramblas, almond/olive and now cherry blossom time and fields and fields of wild poppies. Great blog…look forward to more.

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