The Mosque in Cordoba was built during the 9th and 10th centuries.  It has 850 columns, mosaics and double arches, but its most surprising feature is the 16th century cathedral that rises up in the middle of it.

The Mezquita was started in 786 and is the most important historic mosque of the West.

The Gothic Cathedral was started in 1523 and columns and the original roof of the mosque were removed in the central area to make way for the Cathedral and its structural supports.


Prior to the mosque, there stood a Visigothic monastery of San Vicente and prior to that there had been a Roman temple on the site.

A lot of important buildings and monuments in Cordoba were ravaged for their material such as marble and stone and there was not another mosque in Cordoba that survived in tact.  It may be the fact that the Christian conversion of the building to a cathedral is the reason for its excellent conservation.

Visiting Information

Entrance fee €8.00 Children €4.00

10.00 – 18.30 Monday to Saturday

13.30 – 18.30 Sunday

09.00 and 10.45 there are services on Sundays where there is free entrance to Cathedral only.

For more information visit:


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