If, like me, you call in Kinepolis for Carrefour on the way back from Malaga airport, I noticed a new Mercadona last night.  Junction 227 just before santa fe (Granada airport) it’s 2 minutes off the A92 and saves the drive into Kinepolis.

Of course if you want a box of donuts or a burger king for the journey back you’ll still need to go to Kinepolis!!!!


About Living in rural Spain

I live in Andalucía in the beautiful southern part of Spain. It is the largest of the 17 regions of Spain and Andalucía is broken down into 8 provinces and I live in the province of Granada. Having lived here for more than a decade I call Spain my home. I am originally from England. I find the scenery here in Spain stunning. There are amazing sunsets and the colours of wild flowers, almond blossom and poppy fields in the Spring and trees in the area are an inspiration.

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  1. pdimagesuk says:

    Wow, looking forward to going there !!!!!!! x

  2. Mercadona is my favourite supermarket!

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