Tickets for the Alhambra include a visit to Generalife.  Try your best to take an hour or two to visit these fabulous gardens. 


This was the leisure area of the sultans and the gardens  are surrounded by orchards, pines, trees, flowers and formal gardens.  The colours in spring and summer are amazing and the scent is divine.  There is plenty of shade and lots of nooks and crannys to explore.  The shade is very welcome in July and August.



Keep in mind your time slot to enter the Nasrid Palaces (start your visit in the Generalife or, if you don’t have enough time go directly to the Palaces). Distance from the ticket offices to the Generalife: 100 m Distance from the Generalife to the Nasrid Palaces: 700 m.



There is an amphitheatre at the entrance and every year this is the setting for music and dance festivals.  The name, Generalife, some say, comes from the Arabic for Garden of the Architect (yanat al arif) with the Architect being Allah. 

There is an amazing water stairway and it’s worth taking the time to climb this especially on a hot summers day.  Dip your fingers in the cold water that runs down the sides.

The gardens offer impressive views of the Alhambra.

Useful information.

  • tickets will show a specific session (morning or afternoon)
  • there is a route specifically adapted for physically disabled visitors
  • don’t cut the flowers or stray from the paths
  • a quick walk through will take an hour and a half, but it’s worth a more leisurely stroll, especially in the summer

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