Viernes 3 de agosto – Friday 3 August

The day started with a football competition for the boys and girls of the village and was followed by fun workshops including finger painting a mural, balloon decoration and making bracelets.

The early evening saw a Birds of Prey exhibition in San Marcos square.  The lovely thing was the close proximity and allowed great interaction with the children.

My boyfriend (a professional photographer) recently gave me a Nikon D100 and these images are my first foray into using it.






After the exhibition the children enjoyed various games, but this is Spain and the temperature even at 8.00 at night was still hot.  The game of ‘musical chairs’ was in true spanish style and involved the children being soaked by water hoses!!




Some children just didn’t know what all the fuss was about!!




And our neighbour decided to stay away from it all and enjoy the shade outside his house.

Salud!!  Saturday has already started with maroon rockets and the village band playing through the streets of the village, will update on todays events in tomorrow’s post.

Happy fiestas






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  1. pdimages says:

    another excellent set of photos and knowing Freile as I do I think you have captures it really well.

    Well done


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