Looking out from our terrace this morning, we noticed a haze developing, it turned out to be fire and quickly took hold of the dry and arrid grassland around the lake.

The fire starts

It’s difficult to know what caused it, at this time of the year it could be a silly thing like the suns rays on a piece of glass.  A very good reason to take your rubbish home with you and dispose of it sensibly!!

The bomberos arrive

Getting a bit close to home!!

Obviously BBQs and open fires are banned at this time of the year and if the Guardia catch you throwing a cigarette end out of a car window, there is a hefty fine and several points on your license, not to mention the risk to life, animals and property.

The Big Boys arrive

It’s 42ºc on my terrace at the moment, we have had no rain since March and the fields are a tinderbox.

Second time around

Fortunately, we have a brilliant Bomberos (fire service) and the added advantage of living near a huge lake so the fire was under control very quickly.

It’s working!!

Yellow peril doing itts work

Coming in closer!!

Almost there

Yellow peril strikes again!

In an already delicate economy, fires kill wildlife and their environment (we have wild boar, lynx, griffon vultures, many birds and rodents) and kills the farm land.  This is a rural area and because of the lack of rain earlier in the year, the olive crop (the mainstay and life blood of many families) is horrendous with some olives looking like rabbit droppings!!

Big helli drops his load!!

Baby heli follows suit with his water drop

Fires like this affect everyone, so please, take your rubbish home, don’t leave glass or combustible materials lying around, don’t light fires and be mindful and thoughtful of the impact you could have on this beautiful environment.


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  1. M&M says:

    Goodness too close for us as we live on the edge of the village a short walk to the fires. Scarry stuff. We didnt see anything but the dogs were barking a lot this morning for seemingly no reason at all. Maybe we have should have found out why they were barking. Thanks for the posting.Great to see you back after such a long time. Hunky bomberos hombres? why no chicas!!!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Eek, that looks like it got pretty close! Glad to know they got it under control quickly. My hometown is very similar in terms of fires – that’s definitely one thing I don’t miss.

  3. pdimages says:

    excellent work there Jax and looks like it was pretty close to the house as well. You should now wander down there and take some shots of the after effects of the fire, leaving out any hunky Spanish firemen of course. Which reminds me the last time I was there I met two Spanish firemen, Jose and hose b 🙂 🙂

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