The coast of my beloved Andalucia has continued to suffer this past year.  The south coast of Almeria, Murcia and Malaga has been tested beyond human endurance.  In particular Lorca suffered 2 earthquakes late last year, only to be followed by wild fires destroying property, thousands of hectares of agricultural land and taking lives during one of the hottest summers on record.  And now….  the coastline has been devastated by floods.

las bouganvillas and puerto rey in almeria during the floods and storms of last week.

las bouganvillas near vera

What was the main road and roundabout

The direction sign can be seen centre of photo

Roads and bridges devastated by the flood waters

Sadly, there has been 17 deaths reported and along with the devastating damage to homes and businesses, livestock, pets and horses could not be saved and were washed away by the waters.

In a period of economic struggle for Spain, this has added to the difficulties with peoples homes and businesses gone.

After the water subsides

A caravan is washed away

Speed signs submerged

The roads have gone

Cars did not stand a chance

The water reaches the second floor of the buildings

After the waters subside

The clean up has begun and there are reports of military and maintenance crews working 24/7 to get bridges and roads repaired.  The Guardia Civil have carried out some amazing helicopter rescues and all should be praised for their hard work, loyalty and determination.

There are rescue centres being set up all along the coastline, from Red Cross to puppy rescue centres and charity shops redirecting their resources.  A recent report is of a family moving back to the UK who have donated the entire contents of their Spanish home.

Spain is a beautiful country, a country who, in my experience, have taken ex pats to their hearts, a country who knows how to party, a country who knows how to celebrate life and now a country who have rallied together in a year of devastating events. Viva España.

photos from Spectrum FM Costa Almeria


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  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying your take on life in rural Spain! We’ve just purchased a place nearby to your area, and we love every minute we get to spend there. The flooding was so sad to hear about, and so hard to believe that the bone dry rambla in our town became a raging torrent in a matter of hours!

  2. pdimages says:

    excellent blog, when will nature give them a break

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