As a lover of cats (we have 7) I was very concerned when my big boy Bentley appeared to have conjunctivitis.

He paid a visit to the vet (I went with him, although he is Spanish so talks the language better than I do!!)  Turned out it was an injury rather than an infection, goodness knows how he did it, but he’s been on anti biotic and anti inflammatory drops for a few days and it is starting to look a bit better.

His next visit is the 8 January and until then, I guess, he will continue to look sad to get as much sympathy as possible.

day 4

The Spanish vets in Baza are amazing, Francis and his team treat our animals as if they were their own.  They are called centro veterinario jabalcón and can be found in Baza, or call 958 860 100 for an appointment.

While on the subject of animals, a brand new kennels has opened in Baza, run by husband and wife team, Wayne and Toñi, they have superb accommodation for your dogs while you are away on holiday.  They have a website at or call them on 653 027 626.

Both the vets and the kennels come very highly recommended.


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