Most of the marketing you see for Andalucía is that we have 320 days a year of sunshine.  Well, this is the case on the Costa del Sol and the coastal areas in the south of Spain, but, move inland and the story is very different.

Our village is 800 metres above sea level and about 150 km from the coast.  This means we have very different seasons as far as the weather is concerned.

Summers are long and hot, starting about April with the rainy season (although often not enough to fill the lakes or feed the crops), May and  June are lovely, averages of 80º with blue skies and stunning sunsets.  July starts to get hot and well into the 90’s and August hits 110 to 120º every day!!

September and October return to the more comfortable 80º and by November we are often thinking of wearing a tee-shirt every day.  December and January turn colder.  In the mornings and evenings we get chill winds and sometimes in the mornings there is frost on the car.  The days can still be hot, unless there is low cloud.  It’s quite surreal to sit on the terrace on a warm day looking at the snow on the top of the Sierras.

End of January and February, there can be snow and we have been unable to get out of the house for days a few years ago!!

The Almond blossom comes out in February and it’s the most beautiful sight to see alternate trees, one covered in snow and the next in blossom.

March warms a little but there can still be cold winds, then, as quick as the cold came, the warm weather starts again.

Pete runs every day, no matter what the weather is doing.  This mornings run up the mountains shows him with a ‘January sky’ and the Jabalcon mountain in the background.

day 9


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  1. pdimages says:

    Excellent post and photo, the runner must be either loco or a hard man as there was a bitterly cold wind on the hills this morning. Even the vultures didnt bother, well 4 of them did.

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