Just behind my house and on the edge of the village is the old cemetery, a beautifully tranquil place.  The plaque on the entrance gate reads:

deten el paso mortal y conserva en la memoria que honor riqueza y orgullo aqui se ha de sepultar año de 1925

Which, (roughly translated) means:

Here rests the mortal remains retained in memory that honor wealth and pride buried in the year 1925

There is now a new cemetery outside the village and over the next few years families will move the remains of their loved ones to their new resting place.  It is as yet undecided what will become of the old cemetery, but lets hope it stays a park where people can continue to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

day 11


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  1. Matthew says:

    Dramatic photo of the entrance. Have you heard the peacocks that roam the cemetary. Why 1925 I wonder? Something to do with the Republic?

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