Living the dream in Spain doesn’t always mean lazing by the pool in 20º sunshine for 320 days of the year.  We moved to Spain permanently almost 8 years ago and, whilst we honestlly thought we had ‘done our research’ we could not have predicted how cold and wet it can get in the winter.  We journeyed here in every season of the year and, one January visit, loved the fact that whilst there was a good coating of snow on the ground, the sun was warm enough to allow us to go outside in tee shirts!!

How quickly you get aclimatised!!

Like the locals, we now wear ‘appropriate’ clothing in the winter months. Recent high winds and heavy rain have stripped the paint from the wall on one of our terraces.  But today, it is 22º, sunny and beautiful to be outdoors in a tee shirt, albeit I have spent the morning cleaning the terrace after the storms.  I think now is the time to sit out and enjoy my work……….  the painting of the wall can wait for another day!!


day 28


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  1. Terrace looks fine to me!

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