Yesterday I spent a wonderfully relaxing day at Los Olivos.  The ‘community’ swimming pool there is called El Lago artificial (the artificial lake).

los olivos

The pool is delightful, the poolside area is large, grassed and full of trees for shade throughout the day.  There are 4 lifeguards on duty and the white double lines around the edge of the pool are ideal for a circuit of  ‘water power walking’.

el lago

The general area is landscaped, with an area for concerts.  It is clean and well kept and there is a well priced restaurant and kiosk for meals, snacks, ices and drinks.




Sitting in the shade of the trees (in between the swimming) I began thinking about the Spanish economy. (As you do!!)

Most villages and towns have an open air swimming pool, a lot of them owned by the local council and rented out to the bar or restaurant where they are located.  They don’t open until 1 July each year and close on 31 August.  The entrance fee to spend the whole day here was 2€.




I can see no reason why these pools could not be opened in June and kept open until the end of September, the weather is certainly warm enough to allow this.  There are open air lidos in the UK that stay open for ten months of the year!

The price is very reasonable, maybe a small increase to 2.50€ would add to the revenue?

I have lived in this area for 8 years.  It is only a 30 minute drive to get to this wonderful pool in los olivos. Why have I never been here before?  I have never seen any advertising or marketing and only found out about it from a friend, who found out about it from a friend of a friend.

From a personal view, I would be happy keeping this a secret and wouldn’t want crowds taking over this lovely tranquil spot but from an economic view could small changes in the way local things are run make a difference to the economy?

What do you think?  Have there been changes in your area that have made a financial difference?

Meanwhile, we are off again to spend 2€ on a truly lovely day by the pool!



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