I woke this morning to a very strange noise.  It was a hiss, had we been invaded by very big snakes?  My curiosity got the better of me, so I walked toward the sound with camera in hand of course.  On the road next to our house, water was spraying from a leak in a pipe.



Now, this may not seem very exciting to most people, but here in Freila, the temperatures are hitting 40º most days, there are always risks of forest and shrub fires and water is a very precious commodity.


We are also cave country and the soil is very porous, rain and water can cause a lot of damage when it seeps into the cave walls and roofs.

On speaking to my neighbours I found out that the leak had started at about 0400 this morning, it is now 1000 and, six hours later, it is still pouring down the road.



The problem, it is Saturday and the town hall is closed.  There is no emergency number for the town hall neither on the notice board or on the internet.  As the village wakes there is a heightened interest (well not a lot happens here in this sleepy village) and neighbours are gathering to discuss the leak.

One  neighbour has managed to speak with the town hall plumber (they are friends and he happens to have his mobile number) and as I write this, the hissing has stopped and someone is working on it.

So, six hours of water waste, who will pay for this, will water bills increase?  Will anyone learn from it and issue emergency contact numbers?

A minor issue for most people could have severe ramifications in a small, hot village such as ours.


But the smell and feel of a cold, fresh water spray has given me the thought…  I need to get down the lake for a swim!!!  And, I need to speak with the town hall on Monday and suggest they get some emergency numbers issued……  maybe they will read this blog!!


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