OK, let’s be honest, how often do you clear out and defrost your chest freezer?

We have fridge/freezers in each of the kitchens and these get a regular clear out but the chest freezer is in a storeroom and not being in constant sight gets forgotten.

FORGOTTEN!!! My sis and I have just cleared ours out for the first time in a while and have found:

  • Leftover cooked BBQ meat from a party 4 years ago
  • Fish fillets bought for the cats 3 years ago
  • Ice lollies bought for the kids 2 years ago and which none of us like
  • A container of something, which neither of us could identify

The fact that it’s so big one of us almost has to climb inside might be a factor in the frequency of cleaning.

I consider myself well organised in the majority of things, but the chest freezer appears to have got the better of me!!

I remember 30 years ago, when I got my first chest freezer.  Everything went into containers, was labelled with the contents, the date of freezing and the use by date.  It was then placed in groups such as meats, fish, veg, fruit, deserts etc.  I baked and froze, I packaged left overs for later use, I made sandwiches for the weeks lunches and wrapped and labelled them for use when needed AND I worked full-time.

Now, it’s like a treasure hunt trying to find ‘something’ in the bottom, the most used items (ice and ice-cream) are always at the top, easily found and regularly replenished but, as for the rest, it’s ‘pot luck’.

What lurks at the bottom of your chest freezer?

Maybe it’s time I finally gave mine to someone who will put everything into containers, pack, wrap, label and use!!!!!



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  1. gabs26293 says:

    This reminds me of when we went through our cupboards and found a jar of jam from 1997!! safe to say i don’t think it was edible anymore ha

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