Do you dream of walking through a forest or climbing a high peak, kayaking in a clear blue lake, relaxing in a hot spring while watching a spectacular sunset with views over stunning highland scenery?

Welcome to the ALTIPLANO de Granada.

day 6


Carved out by water and protected from the outside world by a wall of mountains, the ALTIPLANO is the result of a spectacular past. 8 million years ago the Guadix-Baza basin formed part of an inlet connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.  Thousands of years ago the water rapidly reduced and the area began to dry out resulting in the high plain landscape we know and love today.

Numerous archaeological remains have been found in the area providing evidence of Paleolithic settlers in ORCE, ferocious Iberian warriors in BAZA and Berber tribes of the middle ages in BENAMAUREL.

THE ALTIPLANO is a natural and historic treasure trove.

day 11


Outdoor activities such as walking, trekking, canoeing, cycling, climbing, horse riding and fishing are all available in the area and the unspoiled natural surroundings plus the abundance of wild life and stunning scenery attracts photographers and artists alike.

day 30 (28)


The ALTIPLANO de Granada covers the two main of regions, Huéscar and Baza, each of which is divided up into numerous small Andalucian villages.


This little known area is made up of six different villages (Castillejar, Castril, Galera, Huéscar, Puebla de D. Fadrique and Orce) With an overall population of around 20,000 people it makes a delightful discovery for anyone who wants to delve deep into the real Andalucía with its many interesting historic monuments and the abundance of indigenous flora and fauna.


The other area of THE ALTIPLANO is BAZA, which is made up of eight municipalities (Baza, Benamaurel, Caniles, Cortes de Baza, Cuevas del Campo, Cúllar, Freila and Zújar)  It has an overall population of around 45,000 people. In this northern high flatland plain of the Granada Province, BAZA borders the provinces of Almeria and Jaén.

BAZA is a land of contrast between fertile crops bordering river banks and dramatic dry desert-like areas. It is full of historical importance and retains its Andalusian charm and tradition.

feb day 10 (day 41)


Gaze into the mountains surrounding THE ALTIPLANO and you will see THE SIERRAS. The wooded island of the Baza-Filabres massif, the mountain peak of La Sagra, passing through the mountains where the mighty Castril river springs and the nearby Sierras del Pozo, Orce, Maria and de las Estancias.

Because of its rich natural environment, THE ALTIPLANO is a protected area encompassing the Natural Parks of the Sierra de Baza and the Sierra de Castril. Water being of immense importance to these parts, the three reservoirs of El Portillo, el San Clemente and el Negratín play a major role in assisting nature’s balance and keeping local land fertile for crops and grazing livestock. Geology, altitude etc. has fostered the development of a wide variety of flora and fauna ranging from holm oak and mountain pine to juniper forests.


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