Ryanair recently announced that you are now able to take an extra piece of hand luggage on their flights.

The dimensions of the second piece of hand-luggage is 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.  Not a huge size but a welcome addition, especially for the ladies who tend to carry a handbag in addition to their carry on suitcase.

So, with a flight to Mallorca coming up soon, I went out to find a handbag with the maximum dimensions to utilise the additional space.  My search was ineffective, yes I could find the right length but missed out on smaller depth and width.

It was then I decided to MAKE MY OWN!!

I KNITTED my bag but it could equally be made with material such as denim.  I also lined it with linen, but it could be lined with a waterproof material – the options are endless!

For those of you ‘crafty’ people out there, here is what I did:

Make the main body 90cm x 35cm, I included a button-hole and trim at one end.

main body

add a button hole

Make 2 end pieces, each one 20cm x 20cm and a handle to the desired length (mine was 60cm)

sides and handle

Line the main body, leaving openings to insert hardening material.

line the body

Line the side panels (leave an opening for hardening material) and line the handle

line sides and handle

Insert hardening material into the front and base of the bag (the first 2 sections). Each should be 35cm x 20cm and into the side panels.  I used thin plastic drawer liner which I bought from a hardware store (ferretería). Sew up the openings.

insert card into base and front


strengthen body

Sew the end panels to the body of the bag, sew on the handle.

sew on ends



Tidy the inside edge with a trim.  Sew on a button.

sew on a large button tidy up open edge

Stand back and admire your finished (RYANAIR APPROVED) flight bag

finished bag

I’d love to see any that you make and would welcome suggestions.  Good luck



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