I explained this to a friend the other day:

I have a Toyota Land Cruiser, I worked hard to be able to buy it new, it is my pride and joy.  It is diesel.  If someone offered me a free tank of petrol I would refuse.  Why?  Because I know that putting PETROL into a DIESEL  engine would totally FUBAR my lovely car.

I have one body, I worked hard to get to this age, I would like it to be my pride and joy.  It needs nutrients.  If someone offered me a free bottle of toxins I would refuse. Why? Because it would be stupid to put toxins into my body and it would totally mess me up.

So, how come I have been doing it for years with processed foods, takeaways, alcohol, crisps etc.???

Actually my diet since I have lived in Spain is much improved, I eat healthier, drink decaf coffee and limited alcohol, but still have a lot of High Human Intervention food and drink laced with additives and E numbers.

2014-07-16 11.06.52

Up until a few months ago I hadn’t even heard of Juicing, let alone Jason Vale the Juicemaster.  A friend of mine came over to Spain from the UK for a visit.  He is a photojournalist and had been doing a photo shoot with Jason. (Thanks Pete of Pete Dewhirst Photography).

Pete is also an ironman, cyclist and marathon runner (whereas I am a car driver, poolside lazer and wine opener) and, convinced that juicing is a healthy lifestyle option he convinced me that I should try it.

Juice bars appear to be shooting up all over the world, but the closest we get here in the mountainous regions of southern Spain is the Heladeria (Ice cream bar), but they do put fresh fruit in the ice creams!!

So, feeling that I needed to get a bit healthier I invested in a juicer, although I had to send to the UK to get one delivered.

I began researching ‘juicing’ and started following Jason Vale on Facebook and Twitter.

What I saw and read was fascinating so I progressed to watching his DVD, 28 day super juice me, where he took 8 people for 28 days and fed them nothing but juice.  The results were amazing and I felt utterly inspired to give ‘juicing’ a go.

I got involved with juicing just as the Big Summer Juice Detox (BSJD) was about to begin and decided to take part.

Today is the results day and, not only have I lost weight, but I have more energy and am sleeping better.

I am now going to continue on a daily routine of JMJ (Juice, meal juice.)

It’s not so much the results of this BSJD, it’s thinking about all the toxins that we put into our bodies and all the nutrients we don’t and how we can lengthen our lives and make them healthier along the way.

So, for all you juice sceptics out there, don’t knock it till you try it.  Me, well I am a juice believer.




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  1. Matthew of Freila says:

    Hi Superjuicer. We found the 7 day juicy detox amazing and enlivening too. Unbelievably we stuck to it though I felt hungry at times, but that comes from someone who troughs a lot…….and I lost 5.5lbs as a reward!!!!…do I see abs surfacing!!! Today I am still at the same weight and that was after a JMJ (juice/meal/juice). Do I recommend it?……Yeah. Try everything

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Matthew and well done on the weight loss. I am a juice believer and am also doing JMJ, I will probably do 5lbs in 5 days in the autumn. How lucky are we to have access to such fresh vegetables and fruit here in sunny Andalucia!!

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