P1050971With a special birthday approaching for my brother-in-law, my sister and I decided to get him a cake.  Our usual method was to phone our cake baking friend, give her an idea of the theme and size required and sit back and wait for delivery!!

One phone call later we found that our cake baking friend was away visiting the UK and was unable to make the cake for the day required.

What to do???  Buying from a local Spanish shop was an option but we would only get sponge cake covered in the local cream.  We wanted a themed cake.  So, we decided to have a go ourselves.

A conversation with our cake baking friend, how big the cake should be to serve 25, where to buy fondant etc. led to several hours research on the internet.  A 26cm cake served 25 people and I found a great company online http://www.thecakedecoratingcompany.co.uk who deliver to Spain.

I was baking for the Macmillan event (see previous post) so made 2 extra Victoria sponges and froze them a month in advance.

I took the sponges out of the freezer 2 days before and turned them out on a cooling tray to defrost (didn’t want a soggy bottom).  They took about 2 hours to defrost.  Meanwhile we made a batch of buttercream and we then filled the bottom layer with buttercream and a good quality strawberry jam.  We then butter creamed the other layer and fitted the two together.


Having watched ‘Cake Boss’ I knew that they did something called ‘dirty ice’.  This stops the cake pulling but also helps the fondant stick to the cake.  So we used a drop of green gel colouring with the next batch of buttercream and covered the cake top and sides.


We had decided on a golf theme so first rolled a large sheet of green fondant and covered the cake.  This was definitely a 2 man job!!  We rolled a piece of blue fondant for a lake and two of yellow fondant for the bunkers.  We sprinkled the bunkers with gold cake decorating sugar to simulate sand.


And, of course, we made a golfer, who, in the prone position, appears to be studying the line up to the hole.  In reality it was easier to make him lying down than standing up!!

We also made a hole, a golf club and a couple of golf balls, all from fondant.  Fondant dries out quickly and goes hard, if you want it to stay soft wrap it in plastic film to keep the air out.


Another batch of buttercream, coloured green and we were ready to do some piping.  The piping around the lake and bunkers was a ‘grass nozzle’ and after some practice really does work.


Finally, using a drinking straw for the pole, we added a flag and some sugar tree decorations around the sides.  The cake was finished!!

My sister and I were delighted with the result.  My concern was, ‘what will it taste like?’  I kept the cake uncovered in the fridge overnight.  The next evening we took it to the party, where it easily served 25 people and was eaten by all to rave reviews.  Phew!!

I am already planning the next one!!

P1050970               P1050972




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  1. Matthew of Freila says:

    Best cake ever! Well not since the last one, or 2 or 3 etc. you made for the Macmillan Fundraiser. When is the next cake due for what event?

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