Vélez-Rubio is a municipality in Almeria, Andalucia.  Located off exit 408 on the A-92N, it forms part of the Sierra María-Los Vélez Natural Park and, due to its historical heritage, has been declared a ‘place of cultural interest’.

Vélez-Rubio is somewhere I have driven past many times in recent years but it was only yesterday that I paid a visit to the town.

The Iglesia de la Encarnación can be seen from the road as you drive past and I have always promised myself a visit to go and see it. I was not disappointed.


The church can be seen from any point in the village and has been declared a National Historical Monument. It was built in the 18th century on top of the remains of what was the San Pedro church and is one of the best examples of baroque architecture in Almeria.


The old Hospital Real, a typical baroque style building and the seat of the Conservatorio Elemental de Música is also home to the tourist office and the Museum, including a great Archaeology section. Situated on Calle Carrera del Carmen 29 it opens from Monday-Friday 10am-2pm & 5-8pm, telephone 950 410148.


Another building of particular historical and artistic interest is the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, built in 17th century and is next to museum.

The museums are well worth a visit and show the history of Vélez-Rubio  from its time as a fortified medieval hill town, through its history when a Roman  settlement was formed,  to its greatest period of splendour during the 18th and 19th centuries.  This is when the town saw its greatest economic wealth and it was during this time that the most important and historic buildings were built.

Nowadays, as well as the historical sights, there are many shops, bars and restaurants in Vélez-Rubio and a stroll around the town in the warmer weather can be interspersed with rest breaks in the lovely shady plazas and bars.


About Living in rural Spain

I live in Andalucía in the beautiful southern part of Spain. It is the largest of the 17 regions of Spain and Andalucía is broken down into 8 provinces and I live in the province of Granada. Having lived here for more than a decade I call Spain my home. I am originally from England. I find the scenery here in Spain stunning. There are amazing sunsets and the colours of wild flowers, almond blossom and poppy fields in the Spring and trees in the area are an inspiration.

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    Excellent set of photos there Jacquie xx

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