My sister wanted a new bed but was reluctant to buy one as reorganising the existing bedrooms was a complicated job.

The bedrooms are up two flights of stairs and the changes involved moving beds in four rooms as well as in the apartment below the house, which is down yet another flight of stairs.

The task at hand:-

Dismantle bed in main bedroom and dispose of.

Dismantle bed in apartment, dispose of mattress, move the bed up three flights of stairs to the main bedroom and rebuild it.

Dismantle bed in second bedroom, dispose of mattress and move the bed down three flights of stairs to the apartment, rebuild it and add a new mattress.

Take delivery of a new bed and mattress for the second bedroom and build it.

Phew!  Dismantling alone would take us three days!!  Let alone the remantling (if there is such a word)

So, we called into the SleepCentre at Albox, initially to buy a new duvet cover and my sister explained out dilema to Ruth.  Her response was ‘NO PROBLEM, we’ll do all that for you.’

We were a bit taken aback so explained the situation again just to be sure but again Ruth confirmed that it wasn’t a problem.  My sister chose her bed and mattress and I chose a new mattress.  This was on Monday and Ruth said it would all be available for delivery on the following Saturday.

We live over an hours drive from Albox  (about 90kms) and not only was it free delivery but there was no charge for Andy to come and do all the work.

Saturday arrived, Andy and Alex turned up at the time they had said they would and worked tirelessly for over 3 hours, dismantling, remantling, and moving everything needed up and down three flights of stairs.  They were amazing!!

If there was an award for the best customer service from start to finish these guys deserve that award.

The results:-


Not only did the SleepCentre deliver, they exceeded all our expectations and before they left they presented us with a bottle of wine each, complete with hand written tags to thank us for our business.


Thank you guys, you have saved us 3 days work, stress and hassle and you will be our first port of call for all our future bedding and furniture needs.

As a footnote, the bed and two mattresses which needed disposing of are given to families who are in desperate need of furniture (Organised by Ruth and Andy at the SleepCentre Albox)


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  1. Joyce Harris says:

    I’m just sorry they are not in Texas, we could use customer service like that!

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