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  1. Ken Matthews, former Chairman of Baza RBL Branch says:

    Jacquies, have just seen your post about the Royal British Legion. I am sorry that they didn’t provide the help you wanted, nor any other agency you contacted in Spain. We provide help where it is justified and their is an immediate need financially. I don’t know the circumstances of your claim because of confidentiality. As for HFH, you would get short shfiff, if appropriate , as they only assist servicemen back to 2001.
    Because you didn’t get the outcome YOU believed you were entitled to, please don’t detere other by you post. The Legion is not about ‘What can I get from it?, more what can I give.
    You obviously feel strongly about this, and I can understand why. However it makes me sad!

    • Ken, Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post, I understand why it would make you sad, it made me, my family and our darling mummy sad as well! I found your comment ‘The Legion is not about ÔÇśWhat can I get from it?, more what can I give.’ very interesting. As I said in my post I still support remembrance and our troops but just choose to give through alternative organisations rather than the legion.
      I would not deter others from approaching or supporting the legion, the amazing thing about fighting for freedom is that it gave us all the freedom of choice. I just choose to support alternative organisations. Thanks once again for taking the time to comment.

  2. Maida says:

    Jacquie, yes it did get posted on their facebook page. I am talking about the actual Diverbo site, not their facebook page. I actually sent them an email from their actual site asking them the same question so I will see what they say and if they respond. Thanks for all your responses.

  3. Maida says:

    I just read and commented on your Diverbo blog which I was able to relate to. How did you manage to get it on the Diverbo site. I wrote a blog too about my week in Diverbo and put it on their facebook page but did not know how to get it on the actual site. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

  4. Edna says:

    Hi, thanks for getting in touch! Shoot me an email at expatedna@gmail.com and I can give you more info on my expat series ­čÖé

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